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Boost your sales with online orders!

We build revenue boosting websites for restaurants and takeaways in the UK, utilising our ‘Smart Order Management’, and a fully integrated EPOS System.

Chef-Net have built the most comprehensive, stylish and intuitive online food order system, enabling your customers to place orders through your very own, cost saving website which we build for you. The complimenting EPOS system was designed to give you total control, adding seamless integration to orders over the phone and in person.

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Cut The Middleman

Restaurant and Takeaway referral sites like Just Eat and Hungry House are bringing business to your store, but in return they are charging you a hefty commission. Based on 200 orders per month, and an average order value of £20, you could be taking £4000!

By paying a commission of 11% to the likes of ‘Just-Eat’ you are spending £440 each month. That kind of expense could be better invested in advertising to grow you own business and your own customers.

Chef-Net offer a simple, low monthly subscription fee and in return help you save on unnecessary, extortionate fees so you can be in total control of your business.

For less than 99p a day, you can receive unlimited online orders.

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Compare With Online Food Portals
Online Order
(Average Value)
No. Order
(Average per Month)
Commission Charged %
(eg. Just-Eat, Hungry House)
Commission Spent
(Average per month)
Chef-net plan
(Per Month)
You Could Save
(Per Month)
You could save £4932.00 each year!

Get your very own, fully customised e-commerce site for less than 99p a day.

Our sites are fully customisable, yet quick and easy to set up. Our ‘Smart Order Management’ websites come with e-commerce software and are fully integrated with our EPOS add-ons. Our package options include:

Beautiful, easily created, custom websites
Online Order System with simple payment solutions
Instant Order Notifications
EPOS Restaurant Management Software

Try the ‘Smart Order Management’ System

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Why go online?

“40 percent of retail sales in the UK will be made online by 2020.” – [U Switch]:

Be smart – Get ahead of the game! Food business is highly competitive. Successful business are innovative and in full control. Chef-Net is the most comprehensive website, orders and management solution provider to the food business in the UK. You will find everything you need to get ahead of the game.

Build your business and your own Customers

Your marketing efforts will benefit only your business. Your web presence won’t be buried in a directory listing alongside your competi... tors. You customers will only order from you, directly from your website, and your management system will help you build your own customer database.   more

Never Miss -An Order

Online orders are sent directly to your email address and synched with your Dashboard, where you can accept or cancel the order.

Increase your Sales

Online orders are significantly larger by up to 20% compared to telephone orders, and your repeat business will increase dramatically because a happy customer is a loyal one.

Open 24/7/365 days

Your restaurant's online ordering website will be working for you with minimal staff and no fuss, even when you're sleeping. Customers ... can browse your menu and place orders ahead of time for when your restaurant is open. No more rushed restaurant employees, hurried phone calls, transcription errors, or customers losing your menu.  more

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Why choose us ?

No Hidden Charges

To have your very own website with the ‘Smart Order Management System’, all you pay is the SET UP COST and your monthly SUBSCRIPTION FE... E. You will need a data connected device, and this could even be your mobile. We also offer ADD-ONS, designed to streamline and enhance your experience further. These add-ons are OPTIONAL and clearly described in our prices and features pages.  more

In-House Expertise

All Chef-Net systems are fully designed, developed and maintained in-house. Our team comprises of highly creative and technical staff, ... with over 20 years of collective experience in the food business. It’s highly unlikely you will need to log a fault, but we’re here to offer advice and support any time you need it.  more


Our user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. All the information your customers need will always be available on their mobile,...  laptop and desk devices. This would include opening times, location, maps, menus and anything else you want them to know. Our smart and simple system was designed to encourage your customers use your services with minimum fuss, again and again. And if that’s not enough, we can tailor your site to look, feel and work exactly as you wish.  more

Pay No Commission

Our Subscription only service means whatever money you make from your orders is essentially yours to invest in your business.

Get paid directly

There are no middle men to hold your money. Online payments from your customers, using our ‘smart order system’ will go straight into y... our own bank account.  more

Mobile & Tablet-Optimised Websites

More and more people are using their tablets and mobile phones to make online purchases. Sadly there aren’t enough restaurants offering...  mobile-friendly sites. Don’t worry, we will help you capture the mobile order market - Your website will detect mobile users and automatically make necessary adjustments to enable streamlined order processing.  more


We provide all customers with free hosting and a free domain for all ‘smart order system’ subscribers. We also provide free, any... time-upgrades during your subscription - simply pay the difference in your setup cost!  more

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“Technical Knock Out”
Technology and Infrastructure is our forte. We have compared Chef-Net to its competitors. I can’t believe there are others out there that call themselves service providers. It’s only a matter of time before they knock their competitors out.
Gelada Networks(Croydon)
We were given a tour of the Chef-Net system and wow! WE ARE IMPRESSED! If we owned restaurants and takeaways, we know who to call. Well done and best of luck!
Betar Bangla(London)
“Time to excel”
We have been at the forefront of all things ethnic, restaurants & takeaways being part and parcel of the ethnic minorities. Gone, are the days of havoc! Chef-Net will bring order to your business and to your lives. Don’t miss out. Talk to them.
British Bangladeshi Minicab Drivers Association (London)
“The best”
I have been deeply involved with a market leading EPOS specialist some years ago. I could not believe my eyes… The price, the features, the infrastructure, the versatility, and the list go on. By far the best combined system I’ve ever witnessed.
PCO Claims (London)

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